Hypnosis Levels of Conscious Awareness

Hypnosis Levels of Conscious Awareness

The levels of conscious awareness range from being fully alert to being deeply asleep. And we use brain wave frequency to tell the levels of conscious awareness apart. There are no walls between the levels of consciousness. The levels blend into each other, as the following shows:

Level State of mind and body

Hypnosis and Meditation
Alpha Twilight period between being asleep and being awake
Theta Deep hypnosis and Meditation
Delta Full Sleep

Beta is the state of total consciousness – the normal state. Alpha and Theta are altered states of consciousness.

These are the states in which people are most likely to change their behavior. In these states, suggestions go directly into the subconscious mind. The subconscious cannot reason, so it will accept any suggestions. So, where does Hypnosis fit into all this?

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to create an altered state of consciousness. Suggestions can also be helpful under normal consciousness (Beta level). But suggestions are much more helpful when an altered state of consciousness is present.

What are the other benefits of Hypnosis?

Stress causes almost 80% of problems with the body and mind. And since hypnosis is based on relaxation, it helps us get rid of the worry in our normal thoughts.

How, then, does hypnosis compare to meditation and yoga?

These processes involve relaxing the body and narrowing the mind. In the case of Hypnosis, however, this is task- or goal-oriented, as we are working on our desired goal. With meditation and yoga, on the other hand, consciousness is free-floating and it may lead to a greater sense of awareness.

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