Hypnosis Techniques Explained

There are a number of hypnosis techniques that are particularly successful. The best technique is the one with which you are the most comfortable. You may also find that a combination of different techniques works best for you.

Some of the popular hypnotism techniques are as follows:

* Conversational or Covert Hypnosis
* Subliminal Hypnosis
* Handshake Induction
* Hypnosis Spiral
* Progressive Relaxation
* Bright Objects
* Video Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is a technique whereby the person undergoing hypnosis is not aware that he or she is being hypnotized. It is one of the most effective techniques in the field of hypnosis. It is particularly effective when the audience trusts the hypnotist. This technique requires the hypnotist to have thoroughly mastered the art of conversational hypnosis. It is highly effective for those who are in fields such as sales.

Subliminal Hypnosis

This technique is useful for those who are attempting to hypnotize themselves and improve their behavior. It is one of the most effective methods used to persuade others, to help people make better lifestyle choices, and to further develop their good qualities. It is beneficial in advertising as well as in fields that deal with self-improvement.

Handshake Induction

This technique causes the person undergoing hypnosis to lapse into a trance-like state that is short lived but quite powerful. In this type of hypnosis, every second is important. The hypnotist should therefore make any suggestions very quickly. The hypnotist may employ a number of different skills in connection with this technique.

Hypnosis Spiral

In this technique, the hypnotist moves an object – usually a swinging pendulum – in a spiral motion, and this causes the person being hypnotized to lapse into the trance-like state. The Hypnosis Spiral is one of the best methods with which to quickly and effectively achieve a desired result

Progressive Relaxation

This is the recommended method in many clinical settings. The hypnotist induces a hypnotic trance in the subject by causing the subject to tense and then relaxing every muscle in his or her body until he or she has reached a completely relaxed state. At this point, the subject is open to suggestion. The hypnotist suggests that the patient’s eyelids are getting heavy, that his or her limbs are going limp, etc.

Bright Objects

This technique is similar to the Hypnosis Spiral. In this technique, the hypnotist instructs the subject to focus on a shiny, bright object. The subject sustains this focus until it becomes difficult to concentrate and the eyelids become heavy. The hypnotist then begins to speak and tells the subject to close his or her eyes and relax. If the mind of the subject is open to suggestion, the subject will comply and the session will start.

Video Hypnosis

With the increasing popularity of the internet, the use of Video Hypnosis has become a favorite technique of many people who undergo hypnosis. This technique is particularly effective in conjunction with self-hypnosis.

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