Hypnosis Scripts In Depth

Hypnosis scripts are a great source of ideas for hypnosis trainees and experts alike. You will be able to find many of them by searching around the Internet.

This article is a simple resource on how to choose the best scripts, so that you can get the most benefit out of this fantastic method.


Just like the way we give emphasis to words and phrases while we are having a normal conversation, it must be given in a hypnosis script as well. You should make sure that these words are clear in your hypnosis script.


You must consider the length of your free hypnosis script, too. There are probably many scripts that you will come across which just give you a small 2 page script and tell you that it is enough. But, an effective hypnosis session lasts for at least a half an hour or so, usually more. However, if you need one just to gather ideas for other sessions, then it would not really matter of course.


During a hypnosis session, the individual vividly imagines the positive outcome he or she desires. So during this time, the hypnotherapist should pause for a few moments to allow the individual to visualize undisturbed. Make sure that these pauses are available and are long enough. Most of them are between 5 – 20 seconds each.

So there you have it! You now know a few important features to look for in a  hypnosis script. I am sure you will find this useful while evaluating the ones you will find.

Hypnosis Script For Performance Anxiety

Now lets look at this hypnosis script for performance anxiety.

To treat this type of problem you have to replace the negative images of failure with positive images of success and sexual triumph. Then you stack those images with feelings.

I elicit their criteria for the session and I also elicit a time in their past they had great sex.

If they never had great sex, and only experienced performance anxiety, I ask if they can imagine what it would be like to have great sex. If he could, how would he?

If so, I have him tell me about it. I then ask him to give me vivid images of what he/she sees, what he/she feels, what he/she experiences.

Then I deliver back to him in trance a similar story of one he gave me (or I invent one) and wherever possible should be varied to match what the client signals he likes a lot or does not like.

The  hypnosis script installs a memory of a wonderful satisfying sex session that gives him what he wants and leaves the woman happy and wanting more.

The key  with this preframe is to get him to understand that he has experienced a good time during sex. At least once in his life.

And since he experienced it once before he can have it again.

This is building upon his own natural resource state.

Hypnosis Script For Performance Anxiety

“It’s odd to think of you sitting there now… just breathing gently… wondering about… how easily… how quickly… you can go into that lovely relaxed state…

While wondering… maybe you can imagine someone just like you… some other person wanting to go into that relaxed dreamy state… and how you could help that person into that state of comfort… of quiet relaxation… and you might imagine saying to that person… become aware of your breathing… of how your breath moves gently in and out… and tell them… how on every breath out … you can relax a little more… and just rest for a few moments… and allow time to relax… deeply… completely… and notice how that relaxation progresses… smoothly…”

And imagine yourself now… going home … back to your place… it might be at night…or it could be in the morning or the afternoon, but the place empty… no one around…
just you and her there… and you can see yourself meeting… saying something… to a woman there… she has been waiting for you…
and she smiles, and she moves in close… and she puts her arms around your… and you are stroking her face and her hair… looking into her eyes… imagine now you are running your thumb across her lips… holding her head… kissing her face… and she slowly unbuttons her top… and she slips her top off… it falls to the floor…”

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