Framing In Hypnosis For Sex

Hypnosis for sex is a prime area for you to learn and perfect your skills of framing because of the taboo nature of sex you’ll really learn how to think on your toes.  There are certain frames you all have that rule the ways in which you live your life, believe what you believe and think the thoughts you think.  Frames are apparent in everyone’s everyday lives.

In sex, we will find frames that are induced by religious doctrinarian, by the Madonna-Whore complex and many social undertones. So often times we will have to combat these with either the Meta Model questions but in general in pre framing what hypnosis for sex is all about. So lets talk about pre framing.

You can agree, that part of your time as a human is spent defending and convincing others to see things the same ways in which you see them.

This is natural it is a way in which people state their opinions and contradict or view others opinions.  The interesting thing about frames is that they can change depending on the amount of information a person has or new information that is introduced to them.

Part of your goals as a hypnotist for sex will be to use frames, change them and take control of them in order to direct interactions the way that is healing and helpful for other people.

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