Hypnosis Can Change Your Ways of Life

Hypnosis can change your life.

Hypnosis is a technique that has helped many people to change their lives. It can help you to be happier, healthier and satisfied.

Hypnotic states occur when a person is so intensely focused that the unconscious mind is able to act beyond the normal restrictions of the mind.

It is necessary, first, to learn about the history of hypnosis. Hypnosis has been around for centuries. But it wasn’t until the 1880’s that hypnosis became an area of scientific inquiry.

A Scottish neurosurgeon named James Braid coined the term “hypnotism.” He also conducted a study which proved that hypnotism was not a product of magnetic fluids flowing through our bodies.

Braid studied Animal Magnetism and Mesmerism and concluded that anyone could induce hypnotic states as long as they followed a set of simple rules.

James Braid also coined the term “hypnosis,” because the subjects undergoing hypnotism appeared to be sleepy. However, they were also awake. He also attempted to change the term “hypnotism” to “monoidealism.” “Mono-” means one, and “idealism” refers to the act of focusing on a single idea.

This term was more apt, as the act of hypnosis is created by focusing on a single idea to the point where it becomes a reality for the subject. However, the term “monoidealism” failed to gain currency.

James Braid demonstrated that there is a 4 Stage Formula for inducing a hypnotic state. The 4 Stage Formula begins with Stage 1: Absorb Attention. Absorbing attention refers to capturing the focus of your subject.

This requires intense concentration as well as the ability to draw your subject into you. You must also make them follow your lead with suggestions. After you have accomplished this, then you can move on to the second stage.

The second stage of the 4 Stage Formula is: Bypass the Critical Factor. The critical factor is the part of the conscious mind that says, “this is not possible.”

When the critical factor comes between your subject and their hypnotic state, it causes the subject to resist the hypnotic process. The hypnotists must bypass this in order for the subject to respond to you on an unconscious level.

Once you have bypassed the critical factor, you will be able to present hypnotic suggestions in the form of advice. As long as no critical factor is present, the advice will penetrate through the conscious mind and take effect.

After you have bypassed all critical factors, you move to Stage 3: Activate an Unconscious Response. Once you have activated and unconscious response, you will have successfully led your subject into a hypnotic state.

An unconscious response is a positive sign, as it shows that you are doing your job. Unconscious responses can vary; a good example of an unconscious response is an emotional response.

The unconscious mind produces emotional response. As such, you have no choice in what forms these responses take.

A subject who is in a heightened emotional state – the result, for example, of a breakup – is already in a hypnotic process.

You, the hypnotist, will have no control over a person in hypnotic process which you did not induce. They will not listen to you or attempt to follow your suggestions. And they will need time to emerge from the state they are in before you, yourself, can induce a hypnotic state.

You must be able to access and retrieve a response from the unconscious before you can begin working toward any desired outcome. This brings us to the fourth and final step in the 4 Stages: Lead Unconscious to Desired Outcome.

This step is exactly what it sounds like. By this time, you have put your subject in a hypnotic state and have accomplished the three previous stages. Using suggestions, you will now lead your subject through their unconscious to obtain your desired outcome. When you successfully combine all four stages of the 4 Stage Formula, you will be engaging with your subject in a conversational hypnotic interaction.

Can’t Fall Asleep? Hypnosis, Brainwaves and Stopping Insomnia

Can’t Fall Asleep? Hypnosis, Brainwaves and Stopping Insomnia

Sufferers of insomnia have problems getting their Beta brainwaves into an Alpha state. When the conscious mind is experiencing anger, conflict, fear, anxiety, and worry, the brain has a hard time functioning. The brain feels like it cannot relax, and this leads to insomnia.

To make things worse, insomniacs worry throughout the day about not being able to sleep at night. And the more they worry, the more difficult it becomes for them to sleep. Worrying about insomnia actually creates insomnia.

It is possible to change this behavior, but it can require help. You have to learn how to slip into an Alpha brain state. And then you have to learn how to eliminate the triggers that prevent you from going into a deep sleep. Hypnosis is a very effective way for people to learn to retrain their brains in this manner. It is a safe and effective option for those who do not wish to take pills.

Hypnosis changes the way the subconscious mind works. Hypnosis audio tapes are available for people who suffer from insomnia. Insomniacs can listen to while they are trying to sleep and while they are asleep. These tapes tap into subconscious mind and correct the negative thoughts that prevent them from sleeping.

Hypnosis usually begins with breathing techniques that help you breathe correctly. It then helps you to release any tension stored in your body. It also taps into your subconscious, as it were pushing your conscious mind off to the side. In this way, hypnosis helps you to eliminate the things that are causing you to associate negative thoughts with sleep.

Hypnosis works great in conjunction with learned relaxation. First, you learn to relax your mind. And then you learn how to relax your body. Hypnosis changes the way your mind thinks. Imagine that someone tells you not to think about something, regardless of what that thing is. You will find that you will not be able to think about anything else.

Insomnia and hypnosis have a similar relationship to each other. There are several downloadable hypnosis techniques available online that also teach a person how to relax their mind and their body in preparation for sleep.

Some people may choose visit a trained hypnotist, while others employ self-help hypnosis audio tapes that they purchase online. Your success will depend on your thought process as well as how badly you want hypnosis to work. It also depends on how open you are to hypnosis.

Hypnosis Levels of Conscious Awareness

Hypnosis Levels of Conscious Awareness

The levels of conscious awareness range from being fully alert to being deeply asleep. And we use brain wave frequency to tell the levels of conscious awareness apart. There are no walls between the levels of consciousness. The levels blend into each other, as the following shows:

Level State of mind and body

Hypnosis and Meditation
Alpha Twilight period between being asleep and being awake
Theta Deep hypnosis and Meditation
Delta Full Sleep

Beta is the state of total consciousness – the normal state. Alpha and Theta are altered states of consciousness.

These are the states in which people are most likely to change their behavior. In these states, suggestions go directly into the subconscious mind. The subconscious cannot reason, so it will accept any suggestions. So, where does Hypnosis fit into all this?

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to create an altered state of consciousness. Suggestions can also be helpful under normal consciousness (Beta level). But suggestions are much more helpful when an altered state of consciousness is present.

What are the other benefits of Hypnosis?

Stress causes almost 80% of problems with the body and mind. And since hypnosis is based on relaxation, it helps us get rid of the worry in our normal thoughts.

How, then, does hypnosis compare to meditation and yoga?

These processes involve relaxing the body and narrowing the mind. In the case of Hypnosis, however, this is task- or goal-oriented, as we are working on our desired goal. With meditation and yoga, on the other hand, consciousness is free-floating and it may lead to a greater sense of awareness.

What Hypnosis Can Do For You

What hypnosis can do for you

You can achieve many things by placing the mind over matter. And hypnosis is one way to do so.

Hypnosis has a lot of benefits. When a person is determined, the possibilities are endless.

When somebody believes that he can achieve something difficult, then he will succeed if he puts his mind to it.

The same is true in hypnosis. Because hypnosis involves positive reinforcement. And this leads to mental strength.

It is easy to say that positive thinking can lead to good results. But telling the mind to think positively is not easy.

But with hypnosis, the mind can do such things. It can work wonders with mental conditioning.

With hypnosis, we can improve our concentration.

This is helpful when we want to free our minds to focus on what is really important.

The concentration aspect is especially helpful to those who want to improve their social skills. It can improve your communication skills, memory, and creativity, too.

You can can also improve your personal outlook through hypnosis. This is helpful for those who wish to enhance their careers, relationships, time management, and anger management.

Hypnosis can also help people break addictions. Hypnosis guides the person to believe that they have no need of addictive substances.

It can also ease cravings, especially for recovering addicts in rehab.

Hypnosis can also help people overcome their fears. It will help a person to overcome many different phobias.

Hypnosis allows people to eradicate irrational thoughts and fears. And it can replace those fears with a healthier perspective.

Removing negative thoughts in the mind is by far the biggest benefit. This ability has shaped the practice of hypnosis. And it can give you a good idea of what hypnosis can do for you. Try out hypnosis today!

What Can You Do & Not Do With Hypnosis

Can do hypnosis

When it comes to defining what hypnosis can do, I can only share with you what I know based on my own experience. In my opinion, if hypnosis has any limitations, they will be a direct result of unrealistic expectations.

I have seen hypnosis work in conjunction with traditional medicine. I have seen it reduce the side effects of treatments like chemotherapy. It can reduce pain, and increase tolerance to chemo and other treatments. Hypnosis can also improve your ability to cope with the emotional strain of terminal illness. But I have never seen hypnosis cure cancer. And I wouldn’t state that it can. Maybe others have made such claim. And if in fact they have achieved such success with hypnosis, they should attest to it. But ethically, I cannot risk imposing any false hopes upon my clients.

Other questionable benefits of hypnosis include physical changes in the body like enlarged breasts, or increased height. If I were to follow the pursuit of one such benefit, then I might see results. But again, I can only attest to what I know with certainty.

In my opinion, an ethical hypnotherapist will promise only what he knows he can deliver. You can get enormous benefits from listening to self hypnosis CDs and downloads. Yet there is no need to falsify facts. I’ve seen therapists selling hypnosis products for a wide range of issues. An unfortunate risk in making unrealistic promises is that people will lose faith in hypnosis altogether. And this will cause them to deny themselves the benefits of this incredible tool.

I certainly want people to try self hypnosis, and I wholehearted believe that everyone can benefit from it to some degree, but I also care to be able to live with myself, and respect the face in the mirror, and I would not go to unlimited lengths to get people to try it or purchase my product.

Those who have tried self hypnosis will need no further convincing, and those who haven’t should not have to fear false promises.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis helps

Hypnosis is a therapy that can be used to help improve the concentration levels and thereby achieving your goals and ambitions in life. It helps to increase the self confidence and self esteem.

If you have got more good traits but you are shy to express anything then you certainly need hypnosis therapy. You need not be arrogant or selfish, but you should possess self confidence to achieve your goals. For improving self confidence you should first get ready mentally to remove your negative thoughts and believe in yourself and in your capabilities.

Consider these points about hypnosis:

1) You should learn to eliminate the unnecessary fears you have that are burdens in your career. For example, if anybody praises you and you do not feel that you are not fit for that, you need to learn to accept and enjoy admiration. This will help to improve your self confidence. In short, you should not think too much about what others will say but rather you should instead focus on removing your doubts. You can thus learn to make positive decisions and this will help you to attain self confidence and self esteem.

2) You can use hypnosis to get relief from worry, pain, stress and fear. Some people will have many fear and phobias. And such things can act as hurdles for self improvement. In these case, you can use hypnosis to get rid of fears and phobias. You can start either self hypnosis or get the help of a hypnotist.

3) You can also learn to be happy with the help of hypnosis. Life will be harder if you are indulge in sadness and worries all the time. You must learn to be cheerful. Be happy hypnosis will help you to eliminate your sadness quickly. You can remove your negative thoughts with the help of hypnosis.

‘Be happy’ hypnosis motivates to produce a world carefree and happy. The happiness starts from your inner mind. You should stay relaxed and set your mind to be happy. Always wake up with the smile. Tell your subconscious mind that you are self content with everything you have.

4) Many people think that hypnosis is a strange subject. But you can use even self hypnosis to change your behavior and thoughts. Many experts believe that our thoughts rule our body. So the more you think positively the more you can attain positive results. You must also learn not to focus your mind in negative thinking. This is because negative thoughts can have the same impact like positive thoughts.

5) Hypnosis helps the inner mind to relax. In this relaxed mind status you can tell our suggestions repeatedly to your subconscious mind. This will help you improvement in personal life or in business.

6) Hypnotism can help those people who really want to be hypnotized. It will not help you if you want not to be hypnotized. Hypnosis really relaxes you from your worries and stress levels. You can feel like you’ve had hours of sound sleep when you are in medium trances for minutes.

In short, you can use hypnosis for nearly anything. Even if you want to lose your body weight you can do that with hypnosis. Hypnosis also helps to get rid of addictions to smoke, drinks, drugs, computer or video games.

Hypnosis Blueprint

You can use the hypnosis blueprint to learn how to use self hypnosis effectively to attain your goals. The self hypnosis guide will help you to relax your subconscious mind. Once you have got relaxed mind status then you can control your mind by giving positive suggestions. Self hypnosis will make you clear in analyzing your expectations. After setting clear goals you can use your energy to attain goals. Only those who have a clear mind set up can succeed in self hypnosis and achieving goals.

Before starting self hypnosis you must prepare your suggestion mind-set and then you learn the info by heart. You can tell them aloud or record in cd’s and hear them again and again. You should remember that your suggestions must be positive. Do not focus your mind on what you do not want to do.

With hypnotism you can improve your life quickly and easily. Just spend 20 minutes daily on hypnosis to tell your goals to your inner mind. You can feel positive reactions then. Thousands of people are getting benefits through Hypnosis motivation techniques nowadays. They are improving their self confidence and are successful in attaining their goals. You can also use your mind and energy to attain your ambitions quickly and effectively through hypnosis motivation techniques.

You can choose a particular time and place to use the hypnosis motivation techniques. Ensure that the place you select is peaceful. You should minimize the sounds and disturbances before starting hypnosis techniques. You must get to relaxed mood first. Perhaps you can listen to a favorite song to relax your mind.

Then you should settle peacefully and start breathing slowly. You should close your eyes. But remember you are not preparing to sleep. Then breathe relaxed as if your worries, stresses, life problems, pains etc are drained out of your body. You should spend more time to relax certain parts of body like neck and shoulders where you feel more stress and pain. Once you have got complete relaxation in body and mind then you should start to tell your suggestions to your subconscious mind.

Every time, tell suggestions to your mind – suggestions that say you CAN achieve – and then start setting simple goals. This will help to improve your self confidence. You should go over your suggestions repeatedly. After doing this, awaken out of the hypnosis stage with simple suggestions.

The hypnosis state will help you to relax yourself from pain and stress and it will help to improve your motivation. When you tell your suggestions repeatedly you can see that you are achieving your goal. In fact a medium trance is equal to deep sleep for hours together. With practice you can achieve easy and deep trance.

Setting positive suggestions in your inner mind particularly when it is in relaxed state will help you benefit more. You have to learn to avoid negative suggestions. This is because negative suggestions will have the same impact as positive suggestions. Hence it is better to set goals that you want to achieve rather than the problems you are facing in your daily life.

Hypnosis For Athletes To Sunday Joggers

Hypnosis for athletes

Peak Performance Hypnosis is incredible not just for athletes.

From elite athletes to Sunday joggers, the ability to maintain energy can rise and fall greatly. Training schedules reflect goals and plans. A marathon schedule, for example, often contains several types of runs.

During the week, joggers focus on interval training. On the weekend, long runs can take two or three hours. In order to remain motivated, you must align the mind and body to make it out the door.

An athlete can perfect his diet. You can use calories in and calories out. And energy drinks can boost energy, too. However, the mental part of raising energy levels can be hard.

Getting sleep, resting, and hypnosis are three tools that help you do well in a marathon, big match, or any type of demanding event. Hypnosis can raise performance.

During hypnosis, the athlete might receive suggestions that vary from increasing concentration to the body to remain healthy. NLP has been shown to help with motivation and energy. Hypnosis and NLp fight negative energy.

Hypnosis and NLP have worked wonders with both individuals and teams. On teams, hypnosis can help to make teamwork more effective. This is because it makes team members more aware.

Athletes describe their post-hypnosis training  as more focused and productive. You don’t have these feelings after the session. They remain long into the future, with continued work on breathing and self-hypnosis.

Some of the best athletes use NLP and hypnosis to achieve great performance. Golfer Tiger Woods uses it to stay focused in competition. Tennis champion Jimmy Conners used hypnosis before some of his biggest matches.

Well-reputed licensed hypnotist Kali DuBois offers athletes custom-developed hypnosis and NLP to help them reach their goals. Kali has helped both teams and martial artists improve their concentration.

Design Your Life With Hypnosis

Design Your Life With Hypnosis

Designing your life with hypnosis is easy. Hypnosis is a process which not only makes you self-motivated, but also helps you address any issue that might be staring you in the face.

You might be considering how to lose weight. You might be wondering how to kick the butt, and have a smoke free life. Perhaps you’re wondering how to make that presentation without stuttering. But can hypnosis really help you with these things?

Your memory tells you that hypnosis is for magicians. It is reminds you of black magic.

Hey! Isn’t hypnosis what the evil doctor did to that poor heroine in that movie?

I often find myself smiling when people ask me these questions. So I decided to write an article about these myths, and to demonstrate how effective hypnosis is.

In my career of nearly a decade, I have had the opportunity to meet scores of clients at my practice in San Francisco, CA. We have together worked on solutions to their problems, ranging from divorces, business failure to drug addiction. People come to me for a variety of reasons – some people’s problems are more ‘on the surface’, for instance weight watchers, smokers, people with a drinking problem; some on the other hand have more deep rooted issues, which could deal with their self image, traumatic experiences in their life, divorce, deaths, career decisions etc.

Together I and my clients have discovered that through regular practice of hypnotherapy methods, we can make a HUGE difference to our lives. Hypnosis for designing the perfect life is no joke, it can happen to you; all it takes is a little bit of patience and practice.

Furthermore, we must break the myths related to hypnosis – it is not practiced by magicians; it is more a scientific and medical complementary therapy. The therapists who practice hypnotherapy are well educated and professional, no medieval apothecaries here! Another very popular notion about hypnotherapy is that is for “weak-minded people” whom others can easily control. Nothing could be more untrue. If you choose to undergo hypnosis, you will not be under any one else’s control.

The reign will still be in your hands. A person undergoing hypnosis is aware of his/her surroundings, and can control how far he/she wants to go in the session. No one can control your mind, and make you kill their neighbor’s cat, so relax! It is just not possible.

Recently a lot more people are talking in favor of hypnosis. For example, they think that hypnosis for designing the perfect life is a very real possibility. And I have often told my clients that hypnosis is all about understanding what you want changed in your life, and concentrating towards changing it.

With the help of a therapist, some audio tapes and books, you can well be on your journey of self discovery. Hypnosis is effective in tackling issues with emotions, habits, career, and personal development. Our mind can work wonders for us, and hypnosis just helps you connect with it better.

Be Hypnotized Without Going To A Hypnotist

Hypnotized without going to a hypnotist

It’s easy to become hypnotized without a hypnotist.

If you would like to undergo hypnosis on your own, you can download our audio. These are professionally produced recordings that have relaxing music the background.

Ther are recordings of scripts on the Hypnosis For Sex website. We create them from advanced scripts. We want you to have the best experience in your own home.

Talking about sex can be terrifying. We want you to feel great, happy and encouraged to expand your boundaries.

You can also go to our Youtube channel and subscribe to become a member.

You can also do self-hypnosis.

Self hypnosis is usually thought of as a person listening to an mp3 or other mass-produced media, intended to induce a willingness to absorb suggestions centered around a specific topic such as weight loss, stop smoking, etc.

Unfortunately, people who never met the client prepare this kind of hypnosis. And, indeed, they can present unwanted, even unpleasant imagery and suggestions.

For example, if you sunburn easily, that last thing you want to hear about is a slow walk on a sunny beach. In this case, the “self” in self hypnosis simply means that you listen to it by yourself.